Intro to Kayaking Tours in Mission Bay

Perfect for Beginners – No Experience Necessary!

Your First Paddle

We’ve designed this experience specifically for those new to kayaking. With stable and supportive recreational kayaks, you’ll feel at ease as you learn the ropes.

During Intro To Kayaking Tours, you’ll be introduced to the essentials:

  • Kayaking Basics: Get to know the different types of kayaks.
  • Safety First: Learn how to launch and exit your kayak without a hitch.
  • Paddling Techniques: Master basic strokes to keep you moving smoothly.
  • Maneuvering Skills: Navigate the waters with ease.

All this, set against the beautiful backdrop of Mission Bay!

Intro To Kayaking Tours in mission bay san diego
wildlife kayak tour in Mission Bay

Tour Details

Our wildlife kayak tours are ideal for small groups of up to 12 people. You can choose between private tours or the excitement of joining other groups!

Price: Starting at $55 per kayak (2 people max per kayak)

Duration: 1 hour of guided fun.

All Levels Welcome: No prior experience? No problem! This tour is tailored for first-timers.

Safety First: Floatation devices are provided with all rentals.

Convenient Parking: Free parking is available right at our dock!

Our Intro to Kayaking Tour times are flexible, and we're more than happy to accommodate your schedule to make it convenient for you and your party.

See Mission Bay’s Marine Life

As you glide over the calm waters of Mission Bay, keep an eye out for the local marine life. Our guides are experts in spotting the unique creatures that call this bay home, from the playful California Sea Lions to the vibrant Garibaldi fish.

Embark on Your Kayaking Adventure

Don’t miss the chance to connect with nature and learn a new skill. Join us on the water for an adventure that combines the joy of kayaking with the beauty of Mission Bay.